What We Care About

Our Priorities

We see international diplomacy and cultural exchange as a moral imperative in the 21st century to promote a more equitable world.

Arts and Culture:

Ukranian Indepedence Day! Like 4th of July in the states, it means a expression of liberty and we can catch a glimpse of traditional Ukranain folk dance!

Easter offers us opportunities to keep the art of Pysanky alive


Hosting Exchange Students gives the future generations exposure to new cultures.

Learning through webinars and conferences in topics of interst to you helps make us smarter


Promoting Businesses to open in Baltimore and Odesa.
Both cities are home to major international port center with abundant opportunity for trade opportunities and commercial growth

Public Adminsitration:

Working with the City Council of Odesa and City Council of Baltimore to discuss governance, taxes, development, representation, etc. to improve civil life for all

If you're interested in leading an effort in any one of these areas.